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Joe's nine tips to bluff your way in Minecraft:

1. Diamond is the best material for pickaxes because it breaks blocks the fastest and lasts the longest.

2. Players can tame wild wolves by feeding them a few bones, and ocelots with fish.

3. Throwing an Ender Pearl like a ball allows you to teleport to where it lands.

4. With redstone, you can create complex mechanisms. Some people have even recreated computers.

5. The only blocks in the game which are affected by gravity are sand, gravel, and anvils.

6. Creepers are green creatures which will sneak up behind you and try to blow you up. Skeletons try to shoot you with bows.

7. Cows and sheep can be bred by feeding them wheat, pigs with carrots and chickens with seeds.

8. You can play music to nearby players with a music disc, which are created when a skeleton shoots a creeper.

9. A trapped chest will give off a redstone signal when opened, meaning you can create all sorts of traps to fool your friends.
(taken from " Should parents ever worry about Minecraft? ", an article published in BBC News, 30 March 2015)
Task: Read carefully Joe's tips. Do you agree or disagree? What can you add? Discuss it with your partner and report to the group.
Write your own tips and your comments in the comments area of this post. Don't forget to include the explanations for students and teachers who are not experts in Minecraft :)


  1. Joe, I think your tips are great and useful, but I would just add some more mobs like Enderman, Zombie, Zombiepigman, Enderdragon, Whiter, Giant, Irongolem, Spider, Cave Spider, Blaze, Ghost and other dangerous creatures in Minecraft.

  2. Doesn't the golden pickaxe break blocks the fastest?

  3. Dominik's tips:
    1.When you fire up Netherrack,it will burn for ever.
    2.You can play Minecraft with friends.
    More friends,more fun.
    3.When you are in Nether world never,but never go to sleep.

    Thank you, Dominik!

  4. 1.When you make end portal you must make a diamond suit and craft a diamond sword,then enter the end portal and be ready for a big fight with Ender dragon!
    2.With Netherreactor core you can make a portal.In that portal you can be trapped and there can spawn Pigmens.They have golden swords and they want to kill you.But you are so happy when you survive because you killed all Pigmens and you get some awards!


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