Minecraft Dictionary


  1. MOBS= all the monsters in mincraft (for exsample zombie, creeper, sceleton etc.)

  2. Blocks are everything in Minecraft, there are all sorts of blocks:
    Gravity affected blocks: Sand, Red Sand, Gravel, Anvils.
    Blocks not affected by gravity are all other blocks except liquid blocks.
    Liquid blocks are lava and water, they are affected by gravity and need a source block to start from, if the source block is removed or blocked the rest will disappear.
    There are also dimensions such as the Nether and the End, originally the End was supposed to be the Sky, a heaven-like dimension, but it was removed and replaced with the End, which is not really heavenly, Endermen live in the End and the Enderdragon is also there, you can only fight the Enderdragon once, and when you beat him you get a dragon egg. That egg was planned to be used in a future update where it hatches into a red dragon, but that was removed. When you beat the Enderdragon you also get a lot of experience and you go to the credits where you see a dialog between two people who are presumably the creators of Minecraft, they talk about your character Steve and his destiny and what he did during his quest to beat the Enderdragon.
    When you beat the Enderdragon you can go to the Nether and get some soul sand and Wither Skeleton skulls to build the Wither who will then come alive and try to kill you.
    If you manage to defeat him you'll get a nether star, the nether star is used to craft a beacon in which you can put materials from gold to emeralds. Based on the strength of the material you used the effect you choose will be on a bigger radius.
    The radius of an effect is the number of how many blocks the effect is spreaded across. For example if you choose jump boost and put in emeralds the effect will be spread across 30 blocks.


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