What I would like to teach the teacher...


  1. Enchanment table - this is table where you can power up your weapons.

  2. Crafting table- it is table where you can craft all things

  3. Obsididan block-with this block you can build a nether portal and go to nether

  4. Wood is the most basic type of block you'll find in the Minecraft world.
    After you have about four to six wood logs you can put them in the crafting area in your inventory to create wooden planks.
    1 log=4 planks
    You can use the planks to make a crafting tables and sticks in the inventory crafting area.
    When you have a crafting table you can craft wooden swords, pickaxes, axes, hoes and spades.
    You use those for all kinds of things, and when you get better materials you can make better stuff.
    You can also make armor out of most materials except wood and stone.
    Every item has it's durability.
    And if you use it for the wrong purpose it's durability will go down by two instead of one, so here are the purposes of each tool:
    With a hoe right click on the ground to make farmland.
    With an axe hold left click on wood blocks to break them.
    With a pickaxe hold left click to break stone blocks and ores.
    With a sword right click to shield yourself and left click to attack.
    With a spade hold left click to break grass, dirt, mycelium, gravel, sand, etc.


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